Terms of Service

Terms of Service for using Muslim Quran Lessons

Terms of Service for Engaging with Muslim Quran Lessons

When you choose to register for online Quran classes through Muslim Quran Lessons, either for yourself or your child, you agree to the following Terms of Service and Conditions:

  1. All classes are recorded for quality assurance purposes. If you prefer not to have your classes recorded, kindly inform us. This policy is also detailed in our privacy policy.

  2. Following successful completion of the free trial classes, you’ll need to decide whether you wish to continue with Muslim Quran Lessons. Upon your decision to continue, the monthly fee must be paid in advance during the last week of each month for the subsequent month. Failure to make the payment may lead to a pause in classes.

  3. Muslim Quran Lessons retains the right to discontinue classes if payments remain overdue for more than 7 days without valid reasons.

  4. Should you need to temporarily suspend classes and intend to resume with the same teacher at the same time, there will be a fee for slot reservation with the teacher.

  5. Any absence from classes is considered paid, and there are no make-up classes for leaves exceeding 5 days, as teacher scheduling constraints apply.

  6. If a student misses a class without prior notice (excluding emergencies), the absence will be marked, and no make-up class will be scheduled. Make-up classes can be arranged with the same or a different teacher, subject to availability.

  7. To cancel a class, notify your teacher on Skype or via email at least 6 hours in advance to qualify for a make-up class.

  8. Muslim Quran Lessons reserves the right to cancel classes if a student remains absent for more than two weeks without prior notice. Refunds won’t be provided as per our Terms of Service.

  9. Do not share personal information like phone numbers, emails, addresses, or credit card details with teachers. Muslim Quran Lessons will not be responsible for any misuse of such information.

  10. Muslim Quran Lessons retains the right to change teachers for quality teaching purposes.

  11. In the event of a teacher’s resignation or termination, students will be assigned a new Quran teacher. Students are advised not to maintain personal contact with former teachers, and Muslim Quran Lessons is not liable for any future consequences arising from such contact.

  12. The fee for every student may increase by approximately 6-7% of the present fee at the end of each Gregorian calendar year, in accordance with the Terms of Service.

  13. Discussions about payments and contact details with teachers are prohibited. Muslim Quran Lessons will not be liable for any losses resulting from such discussions.

  14. The fee structure for students may vary based on our prevailing policies and Terms of Service.

  15. Eid holidays are included in the monthly fee. No makeup classes or refunds will be provided for these holidays.

  16. Muslim Quran Lessons reserves the right to amend its Terms of Service & Conditions and will update these changes on our website.

  17. These Terms of Service apply to all students.


Please note that these Terms of Service were last updated on: August 12, 2023.

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